Are There Any Additional Fees Associated With Applications?

If you intend to sell access to your service or products within your Vimeo OTT product and offer customers the ability to transact through their apps, your branded applications will be subject to additional in-application net-revenue fees. These fees and processes are managed outside of Vimeo OTT and differ between each application platform. 


Apple offers the App Store Small Business Program which reduces their In-App Product fee from 30% to 15% for eligible businesses. To apply, follow the steps below.

  • Read through Apple's FAQ and make sure you are eligible for the program.
  • If so, click Enroll now on this page.
  • When asked for Associated Developer Accounts, you do not need to list Vimeo OTT as we do not qualify under Apple’s definition of this kind of account. 
  • There is a recurring $99/year fee from Apple to open and maintain a developer account in their app store. 
  • During a subscriber’s first year of service in the standard (non-small business program) model, Apple charges 30% of the revenue from monthly and annual subscriptions. Through the second year and beyond, this percentage drops to 15%. Further information on Apple’s auto-renewable subscriptions can be found here.
  • Apple's payout process can be found here


  • There is no cost to create and maintain a Roku developer account.
  • During a subscriber’s tenure, Roku charges 20% of the revenue from monthly and annual subscriptions. Unlike other application platforms, the 20% value does not change. See here for more information on Roku’s transaction fees and payout reporting


  • There is a one-time $25 fee to open a Google Play developer account.
  • Google offers a 15% Service Fee Tier for developers on their first $1M in revenue, more information on how to enroll can be found here.
  • For developers not in the 15% Service Fee Tier, Google charges 30% for a subscriber’s first year of service from monthly and annual subscriptions. Through the second year and beyond, this percentage drops to 15%. Transactional purchases are subject to the 30% fee. Further information on Google’s transaction fees can be found here
  • Google's payout process can be found here


  • There is no cost to create and maintain an Amazon developer account.
  • Amazon takes a 20% cut of the subscription revenue for in-app products in the Movies and TV category and 30% for all other categories. Vimeo will try to place your app in the most appropriate category but Amazon has often forced apps into specific categories based on their opinions which is something that Vimeo staff will coordinate with Amazon on your behalf. 
  • You can read more details about Amazon's revenue share policy under the Royalty section of their Developer Services Agreement. The Developer Services Agreement also contains Amazon's payout process. 

Currently, Vimeo OTT apps on  Xbox One and Samsung Tizen don't support any form of in-app purchasing. A user will only be able to access these apps if they've subscribed / registered for your site on another platform. 

Purchasing or renting TVOD products is also not currently available on Amazon or Roku even though they do support the purchase of subscriptions.


  • A company account (which Vimeo requires) costs approximately $99 USD (the exact amounts may vary depending on your country or region). This is a one-time registration fee and no renewal is required.


  • Developer accounts are not needed on the Samsung platform to launch with Vimeo OTT.