About XBOX One

About XBOX One Apps powered by Vimeo OTT

Vimeo OTT now builds and supports branded apps on XBOX One devices! To get started, reach out to your account manager now. 

With your XBOX One app, users will be able to seamlessly access all content available in your subscription channel on XBOX One devices.

How does this work?

  • Like branded apps powered by Vimeo OTT across other platforms, the Vimeo team will work with you to build a branded app solution available on your Microsoft developer account, featuring your content, assets, and metadata.

What is required to set it up?

  • Once you’ve built a channel on Vimeo OTT, all we’ll need is your Microsoft Developer Account credentials and app information.

How will my users find the app?

  • Users can search for the XBOX app in the Microsoft store.

Is the app free for users?

  • The app is free to download by users in the Microsoft store. However, it does not support in-app payments at this time. 

Can my customers subscribe on the app?

  • No, the app does not support in-app payments at this time. Users who purchased on the web or another device will be able to activate the app by signing in to access. New users without active subscriptions will be guided to your website to initiate the subscription purchase. 

How will my users sign into the app?

  • When users open the app, they will be prompted to Activate the app by signing in a different device and entering the code provided into the XBOX app. Then the app should load and they’ll be all set to watch!

What’s coming next?

  • The app only supports subscription channels at this time, and is sign-in only. Additional access and payment options are coming soon!