Notifying Viewers

Once you’ve completed the Setup Phase, you’ll be ready to notify your viewers!

If you're using SSO

Once you’re ready to notify your viewers, you simply need to send them the URL to your Showcase. If they’re authorized for access, they’ll be able to log in by selecting “Log in with SSO.” If they are not authorized, they will not be able to log in. Vimeo doesn't notify your SSO users about the new Showcase, so it's important you send them the link.

If you're adding viewers via email

If you'd like a Showcase protected by specific account logins, you'll need to add your users as Viewers to your Team. As soon as they're added, they will receive an invitation email which prompts them to create a Vimeo account. They can't access your Showcase until you provide the direct URL to it. To avoid any user confusion, we recommend communicating to all of your users before they're added to your Team so they know what to expect.

Here's some sample email language you can use to describe the process to them. 

We'll soon be moving our internal videos and live video events to Vimeo. A Vimeo account will be required for you to view our content. Within the next 48 hours, you can expect to receive an email invitation to create a Vimeo account with your work email address.

When you receive it, please follow the below directions:
  1. The email will come from and will include an "Accept Invite" link. Click that link.
  2. Create an account on Vimeo with the email address to which you received the invite.
  3. Hold tight! Now that your account is created, wait for us to share the link to our Vimeo content. You'll then be able to log in and view!