Adding Team Members To Your Account

You can add team members to your account to ensure you’re collaborating in the same account. There are four different permission types you’ll be working with on this account. It’s important to note that each team member added will need to create their own Vimeo account before they’re able to contribute.

Account Owner:

  • Account Owners can access and change everything in the account. This is the main email associated with the account, which is used to sign up for the account.

Uploaders and Admins are collaborators in the account. Add these Team Members by directing to your Settings and clicking Manage Team. This is where you will add these users via email.


  • Uploaders can only upload videos to the account owner’s account. 
  • They can do so by directing to the upload page of their main Vimeo account and toggling from uploading videos to their own account to your account.
  • Uploaders will only be able to edit the title and description of the video while it is being uploaded to the account, and any videos an uploader adds to the account will have the privacy setting to Only Me.
  • From there, as the account owner, you can change the video's privacy setting to Only People On My Team and add it to a Showcase.


  • Admins can access your account to upload videos and manage Showcases.
  • They can do so by selecting their profile picture menu and toggling into your account. They can quickly tell which account they are navigating to by looking at the profile photo. 
  • Admins will not be able to access account settings or payment information. They also cannot delete videos, log into Studio, access Simulcast settings, or Authenticate API encoders such as Mevo. They will have access to all else.

Viewers are the users you’ve specified to access the content available in your Showcase.


  • Viewers can access Showcases and the videos organized into Showcases. 
  • They can be granted access in the following ways:
    • Adding a Viewer via email by directing to your Settings, and clicking Manage Team. 
    • Specifying a domain for SSO. Viewers that you are intending to access via SSO will not receive an email. More on setting up SSO here.

Note: If you have a large number of users that you'd like to grant viewer status to, you are able to provide us with a CSV of their email addresses that we can add on your behalf.

Note that there is an additional permission type called Contributor. A Contributor can be invited to access a specific project within your account. Showcases, however, are not considered Projects in Vimeo.