Setting Up SSO

What does Vimeo support?

Setting up SSO creates a simple and secure login for your viewers. We support SSO with a variety of providers. If you don't see your identity provider listed in the instructions below, please reach out to your Vimeo team.

What will we need?

In order to set up SSO, you'll need to provide the following to Vimeo

  • The domain
  • A corresponding certificate depending on your Identity Provider
  • A signing URL

From Vimeo, you'll need these items (replacing USER_ID with your Vimeo User ID). 

You can find your User ID when logged in to your Vimeo Enterprise account and heading to this page.

How do I configure this with my Identity Provider?

We support SSO with the following Identity Providers. Click which one you use to head to customized instructions per platform. 

Guides tailored for Vimeo Enterprise:

Less common IdPs we support:

Please discuss with your Technical Program Manager if you are using a service not listed above.

Generic SAML 2.0 configuration

If we don't have tailored instructions for your IdP above, you'll want use their documentation to configure Vimeo as a generic SAML 2.0 application.

Attribute Statements

Every IdP needs the Value column configured according to their syntax. What's important to know here is that we require you to send us email, firstName and lastName. 

Name Name format Value
email Unspecified Varies by IdP
firstName Unspecified Varies by IdP
lastName Unspecified Varies by IdP

Organizational Units (OUs)

Your IdP likely has your company organized into departments, which most IdPs call Organization Units. You'll want to make sure all users who should have access to Vimeo via SSO are "assigned" to the correct OU and that OU is assigned access to the Vimeo SAML 2.0 application. 

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