Configuring Ad Breaks

Note that Ad Breaks are only applicable to Google Ad Manager 360 Sellers at this time.

If your OTT Site is enabled for Advertising with Google Ad, you may set Ad Breaks on your video assets to help inform your Video Rules managed through your Google Ad Manager account.

How to Add Ad Breaks

Open up any Video from the Content area of your OTT CMS and navigate to the Advertising section. Here you will see an interface for adding new Ad Breaks. 

Here’s all you need to do to add Ad Breaks:

  • Click Play on the embedded video
  • Drag the playhead to the position where you want a cue point
  • Click the “+ New” button on the left under “Ad Breaks”
  • Drag the playhead to the next position where you want a cue point
  • Click the “+ New” button the left under “Ad Breaks” to add another 
  • Repeat until finished
  • Save your video

Now your video contains a list of Ad Breaks that can be ingested by the Ad Manager Content Feed and Video Rules may be setup to trigger mid-roll ads at any frequency you’d like against those specific Ad Breaks.

How to add Ad Breaks in Bulk

If you’ve already determined where your Ad Breaks should be while editing your video in a video editor such as Premiere, you can upload a file containing all the necessary information to set them on your video.

Prepare your Ad Breaks

Vimeo OTT supports cue point ingestion in three file formats; CSV, WebVTT and Premiere Markers. 

For CSV, simply create a file containing the list of timecodes where you want Ad Breaks separated by a comma between each new point.

For WebVTT, we do not recommend manually creating this file but if your video editing software has the option to export in this format (.vtt), you can export the Ad Breaks to this file. 

In Premiere, Ad Breaks are also referred to as Markers. If you have a set of markers for your video, navigate to File -> Export -> Markers and Premiere will ask you where you want to save the file. Put it in a memorable place! 

Upload Your Ad Breaks

After your have exported your Cue Points to one of our supported file formats, navigate to a Video asset and click on the “Advertising” option for the video.

Under “Ad Breaks” you will see an option for “Upload ad breaks”

Click that and you’ll be asked to select the file you exported in the previous step. Choose your file and your ad breaks will be added to your video.  

Don’t forget to save your work!