Migrating Existing Vimeo Accounts

If you have existing Vimeo accounts, we can help you consolidate your accounts within your Vimeo Enterprise team. Here's a look at the process:

1. Work with your Technical Program Manager to identify the email address of the source account(s) you wish to migrate into your Enterprise account. We can migrate as many accounts as you need!

2. Once the list of accounts has been finalized, your TPM will work with you on best practices for communicating the change to impacted accounts. 

3. Your Technical Program Manager will work with you to schedule the migration within a two week window.

4. The migration is run! Here's what you can expect:

  • Your content
    • A new folder will be created in your destination Enterprise account for each source account
    • You can decide if you'd like the videos to be moved into a shared team folder or in the a Private to Me folder
    • All folders from each source account will be copied as subfolders in the corresponding folder in the destination account
    • All videos from each source account will be moved into the corresponding folder or subfolder. Videos are moved, not copied, and therefore after the migration the videos will exist only in the destination Enterprise account.
    • NOTEAll video URLs and embed codes for existing videos will stay the same, but analytics will not be pulled over.
      • Any existing review page links will not be moved over. These links will break once the migration is complete.
      • If you are transferring content uploaded before September 2021, please check with your TPM if your migrating videos will be effected by our Privacy Hash Update, which would cause a change in embed codes.
    • Showcases and live events cannot be migrated over at this time.
  • Your users
    • The account owner of each source account will be added as a contributor to the corresponding folder in the destination account. If that folder is a Private to Me folder, this user will be the only user with access to that folder.
    • Your Technical Program Manager will work with you to determine which other account members should be migrated over. Please make sure you discuss with your Account Manager about adding any additional Contributor seats you'll need after the migration is done.

Once you're ready to proceed, reach out to your onboarding team and we'll get this kicked off.