What to Expect During Onboarding

Welcome to the Vimeo Enterprise onboarding process! We're excited to work together to get you up and running on the platform, so here's an outline of what you can expect during the process:

CSM/AM Introduction

  • Your Customer Success Manager will become your ongoing point of contact for a successful partnership with Vimeo. This includes setting goals for success, quarterly reviews, and support escalations.
  • Your Account Manager will be your resource for contract revisions & renewals.
  • Your CSM & AM will introduce you to your two technical contacts; your Technical Program Manager and the Enterprise Support team.

Kickoff Call with TPM

  • You will be introduced to your Technical Program manager who will lead the onboarding process for Vimeo Enterprise.
  • Your TPM will drive the necessary training and implementation specific to your contract and use case.
  • Your TPM will also help you set a list of goals for the onboarding period.


  • Your TPM will provide several resources to get up to speed on Vimeo Enterprise
  • Onboarding Training Document: This document acts as your central knowledge base with documentation links for the features relevant to your use case.
  • Weekly Training Webinars: We run a 30 minute training webinar each week that provides a general overview of the Vimeo Enterprise platform.  Learn More and Register for a session here!
  • One-on-one Training Sessions: Feel free to send your technical questions our way at accounts@vimeo.com and we can book individual sessions to train up your team.

Technical Implementation

  • Your TPM will also be walking you through the implementation for features included on your contract. These may include:
    • SSO
    • Team groups/SCIM
    • eCDN
    • Content Migration/Account consolidation

Enterprise Support Handoff

  • After the goals for the onboarding period have been reached, your onboarding will be complete!
  • Your TPM will take a step back but your AM will remain your main point of contact.
  • The Enterprise Support team will become your long term technical contact throughout your partnership with Vimeo.
  • They team can be reached through a form, by phone, or via email.