Setting Up Your Video Library

Video Library provides a secure, centralized homepage to view company content. It provides a convenient and beautiful viewing portal for sharing videos and live events with internal audiences.

Videos and events are organized into folders in the back end, which show up as separate rows of content on your homepage. To set up your Video Library, simply follow these steps:

  1. Upload your first few videos to your account.
  2. Create folders and organize your videos into these folders. Note that these folders will create swim lanes on the Video Library homepage.
  3. (Optional) Create subfolders within folders to further organize your content. You can create up to 10 levels of subfolders!
  4. Give users access to your folders. Simply click "Share" in the top right corner, search for the user, and click the + sign to provide them access to view or edit the folder.
  5. After you've given appropriate levels of access, direct your users to log in to After they've been authenticated, they will land on the Video Library homepage. Users will see all the folders they have been given access to, so the Video Library is customized depending on the permissions you've granted.
  6. To prominently present your most important or recent content, you can pin important folders up to the top of your Video Library and also change the featured video.

If you'd like to grant groups of users access to particular folders, rather than just to individuals, learn about how to set up groups and reach out to your Account Manager or TPM. We can help you enable groups using the SSO SAML response or a feature called SCIM. For even more on Video Library, visit this page.