Setting Up Your Team

In this article, we’ll focus on setting up some of the advanced features available to you as part of your Vimeo Enterprise plan. 

If you haven't joined a live training session, be sure to register for one here. The team is available for questions after each session. 

For collaboration, you can add team members to your Vimeo Enterprise account with different team roles. An overview of each team role is below.

  • Account Owner: Main account email, has access to all account settings. Only role that can delete videos, access simulcast settings, edit team members, and login to Studio. 
  • Account Admin: Can upload/edit videos, manage showcases and interactivity tools, and view all video content in the account. Cannot access any account settings.
  • Contributor: Can upload/edit videos and access content in the specific video folder they’re invited to. Cannot access any other video content or account settings.
  • Uploader: Can upload videos to the account, but they need to be approved by the Account Owner. Cannot see any video content or access account settings. 
  • Viewer: Can access video content in folders they’re invited to and showcases, but the showcase URL must be shared with them directly. Cannot access anything else within the Vimeo account. 

If you’re leveraging the Viewer role for showcases, you can grant your Viewers access in the following ways. We have a comprehensive guide on how each role interacts with content and more, here!

Viewer level analytics are available for your Team Members via a CSV download in your Showcase. Your viewership data is available to you at any time and can be pulled for a specific date range.

We’ll see you again in our next article for more on how to go live. 

The Vimeo Solutions Team