It’s All About the Content

In this article, we’ll be focusing on managing the content in your Vimeo Enterprise account. This includes uploading and organizing your video library and some customizations you can add to your on demand videos.

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Uploading & Prepping

  • Are you migrating content from another site? Give this guide a read through.
  • When managing and organizing your content, there are several video settings you can edit to make your videos easier for viewers to navigate and find. Those settings are outlined in this section of our help center.
  • You can also embed individual videos onto your own site. We offer customization options for embeds to allow for white labeling, privacy restrictions, and more. 
  • Engage your audience at meaningful points within your embedded video by adding interaction tools to your VODs. These tools include end cards, email capture, and chapters. 

Creating a Showcase
Showcases with Live are exclusively available to Vimeo Enterprise customers. This is a great way to organize and distribute content to your viewers all with one URL. 

  • You can set up a showcase, customize it, and set up a custom domain
  • If you would like your viewers to access a showcase on a mobile app, we highly recommend setting up a custom domain.
  • Please note that only one recurring live event is supported per showcase. If you’d like to set up multiple live events in showcases, we recommend creating one showcase per event.
  • You do also have an option to embed a showcase on your website, but please note that embedded showcases do not have chat functionality. This means your viewers would just see the player and a playlist of the selected videos within your showcase. 

We’ll see you in our next article for more on adding your team members to the account. 

The Vimeo Solutions Team