How Viewers Will Access Your Showcase

While we recommend you utilize Video Library to share content internally, you can set up your showcase so that it can only be shared by users who have been added as Viewers on your team.

You can use the showcase privacy settings to make the showcase available to the public or to specific groups of people. As a general rule, the privacy setting of the showcase overrides the privacy settings of the videos within it. The exception to this rule is that private videos aren't available in public showcases.

Here is a breakdown of the privacy settings you can set for your showcase:

  • Anyone - This makes the showcase available to anyone who accesses it using the showcase URL.
  • Only people with a password - You can set a password that users will be prompted to type in once they access the showcase.
  • Hide from - This disables the Vimeo-generated URL for the showcase. The showcase can be accessed as an embed or when connected to a custom domain.
  • Only people on my team - This makes the showcase available only to people who have been added as team members to your Enterprise account. If SSO has been enabled, this will allow users to access the showcase via SSO.

Regardless of the privacy setting, the showcase URL must be sent out to the user in order for them to ultimately access it.

Logging in via SSO

When we've enabled SSO for your account, the normal login flow on your team-only showcases will switch over to the SSO login flow. This is how your team will sign in to access the showcase (no Vimeo account required!):

1. The user opens the showcase URL and clicks the "Sign in with SSO" button

2. The user is redirected to the identity provider's SSO link (provided during SSO setup) and they will log in using their credentials. As a reminder, their email address must include the domain with which we set up SSO in your account.

3. After the user logs in and is successfully authenticated by the IdP, the user is directed back to the showcase!

Logging in to a Team-Only Showcase

Here is how you can allow your team of viewers to access the showcase with the "Only people on my team" privacy setting when SSO has NOT been enabled:

1. Add your viewers to your team ( read how to do this here).

2. After being added to the team, viewers will receive an email prompting them to create a Vimeo account.

3. When you're ready, send the direct link to the showcase to your team.

4. The viewer will be prompted to log in with the Vimeo credentials they created in Step 2.