Create an ad tag in Google Ad Manager

If you’re planning to run direct ads through Google Ad Manager, you’ll need to set up a VAST tag and add it to your Vimeo OTT account. This is how you can do that:

In Google Ad Manager:

  1. Direct to your Google Ad Manager account and follow these steps from Google, also outlined below.
  2. Click Inventory → Ad Units → New Ad Unit
  3. In Settings, input a Name and a Code
  4. In Sizes, leave Sizes blank and instead, in Video (VAST) sizes direct to Master and select “640 x 480v” 
  5. You can leave the rest as is or fill it out as it suits your campaign and select Save
  6. Click back into the Ad Unit and direct to the Tags section on the far right
  7. In Tag Type, select “Google Publisher Tag for Video” and click Continue 
  8. In Tag Options, be sure to:
    1. Enable Live traffic
    2. Select Google IMA SDK for Player SDK type 
  9. In Additional Tag Parameters, leave these sections blank or fill in as you see fit and click Continue
  10. In Tag Results, click Copy tag and then direct to Step 3
  11. Pro-tip: To ensure your VAST tag is set up correctly, test it in the Video Suite Inspector

In Vimeo OTT:

  1. Once you've completed the steps above, log into your Vimeo OTT account
  2. Direct to your Products page 
  3. Click to the Pricing section
  4. Paste the master ad tag you’ve just created to the field labeled Advertisements