Migrating Content to Vimeo

I have existing content that I would like to add to my new Vimeo Enterprise account. Will I need to upload each individually?

Not necessarily!

The Vimeo Solutions team can help you seamlessly migrate your content from Vimeo, Livestream, or a previous provider (using publicly accessible URLs) to your new Vimeo account. We will work with you to coordinate the ingestion of your content depending on how your existing library is stored.

1) I already use a Vimeo account. How can I migrate my videos into my new Enterprise account or merge my accounts?

We can either perform a simple clip transfer or proceed with a full account consolidation.

  1. If you'd like to transfer a small subset of clips, please provide us with with the email address of the source account that you'd like to migrate videos from. Then, provide the URLs of the videos that you'd like to move over. For Vimeo clip transfers, we will move the videos from the original account to the new account. All videos will be located in the new account and will no longer appear in the original account. Please note that analytics will not be migrated over.
  2. Need to merge your whole account (with all its videos and folders) with your new Enterprise account? Check out our account consolidation process for existing Vimeo accounts here.

2) What if I'm moving onto Vimeo from a previous video provider?

If you currently have content hosted by a third party, we can migrate this content as long as you have a publicly accessible URL where the file is hosted. In order to run this process, we will need a CSV containing a list of videos, including columns for:

  1. (Required) Source URL - A publicly accessible or signed URL where the file is hosted
  2. (Optional) Title
  3. (Optional) Description
  4. (Optional) Tags - A list of up to 20 tags separated by pipe characters ("|"). Individual tags may not exceed 32 characters. Tags are a good way of retaining your previous provider's video ID. 
  5. (Optional) Thumbnail URL - A publicly accessible link to directly download an image that can be used as a thumbnail for the video
  6. (Optional) Folder ID - If you would like to move this video into a specific folder instead of just to the root folder, you can add the folder ID in this column. You can grab the folder ID from the URL of the folder page in the video manager
  7. (Optional) Text Track URL - A publicly accessible link to directly download an English subtitle text track provided in a valid WebVTT format
  8. (Optional) Privacy - The privacy setting you would like to apply for the video being uploaded. Use one of the following:
    1. anybody - Anyone can access the video (aka “public”)
    2. disable - The video is embeddable, but it's hidden on Vimeo and can't be played (aka “hide from Vimeo”)
    3. nobody - Only the account owner and team members on your account can access the video (aka “private”)
    4. password - Only those with the password can access the video (aka “password”)
    5. unlisted - Only those with the private link can access the video (aka “unlisted”)

Once you've put together your CSV, please send this over to your Implementation Manager, and we can kick off your migration with the timelines they communicate to you. We normally process 5,000 videos per day using this process.

Note: Some video providers only allow the download links to be available for a couple of hours. Please coordinate the timing with your Implementation Manager or ask your provider to extend the duration of the download link so the links are valid at the time we run your migration.

3)  I use Livestream to store my content, how do we kick-off the migration?

Before we are able to perform the migration, we will need to confirm a few details with you:

  1. The current Livestream account where your videos are stored
  2. You can identify your account by giving us the email address associated with that account.
    1. Note: We will not require the password to this login
  3. The total number of videos currently stored within your existing Livestream account — whether set to be available or unavailable
    1. Note: This is necessary to estimate how long the migration will take

Once the above information is received, your Implementation Manager will schedule the migration with our Solutions Engineers. The migration will generally be started within 5 business days. When the migration begins, the completion timing is based on how many files are being ingested.

When a content migration is performed from Livestream, please be aware of the following:

  1. For Livestream content migrations, existing videos within your account will be copied into your Vimeo CMS using the largest source-file video bitrate available. This will not impact your current account and videos will continue to be located within your existing account.
  2. We are not able to migrate a specific selection of videos. All videos located within your Livestream account will be copied over into your Vimeo Video Manager.
  3. The migrated videos will retain any titles and video descriptions that may have been set within your Vimeo or Livestream account. Unfortunately no other information will pass through at this time.
  4. Any video categorization that had been performed within your Vimeo or Livestream account will not be included when the content migration is performed.