Setting Up SSO: GSuite as SAML

For an overview of how SSO works with Vimeo Enterprise and the first steps of this process, please head to our Setting Up SSO guide here.

1. Follow Google's instructions here up to Step 5. 

2. Download the certificate and copy the SSO URL (Google's Step 5). 

You'll need to provide those items to Vimeo using our form below.

3. Skip Google's Step 6.

Your TPM at Vimeo will notify you when we've configured your account.

4. Continue Google's instructions.

You can now complete Steps 7-14 in the  Set up a custom SAML app section and the entire Turn on SSO to your new SAML app section.

Step 11 will require the Vimeo User ID you gathered earlier. 

Step 14 will require you to set up the following attribute mappings (required for at least email). This is how we obtain the email, name, or other info from the SSO provider.

Submit your details

You can use this form to submit the required details based on the instructions above.