Setting Up SSO: Okta as SAML

For an overview on how SSO works with Vimeo Enterprise and the first steps of this process, please head to our Setting Up SSO guide here.

1. In your Okta settings, go to Applications → Add Application → Create New App.

Fill out this form with the following settings and click Create.

2. The General Settings page should be filled out with the following:

  • App Name: This should follow how you're referring to your Vimeo Enterprise portal within your organization.
  • App logo: Leave blank
  • App visibility: Leave both boxes unchecked (Why? This will prevent your users from accessing the Vimeo Enterprise account through Okta. They will only be able to access it via the Showcase URLs you share with them explicitly for your various live events or VOD purposes). 

Click Next.

3. Complete the next form. Be ready to use the Vimeo User ID number you found at the beginning of this process.

  • Single-sign on URL is where YOUR_USER_ID is your Vimeo User ID.
  • Audience URL is urn:auth0:vimeo:YOUR_USER_ID where YOUR_USER_ID is your Vimeo User ID.
  • You will also need the following Attribute Statement:
Name Name format Value
email Unspecified
firstName Unspecified user.firstName
lastName Unspecified user.lastName

Click Next

4. On the next page:

  • Check I am an Okta customer building an internal app
  • Check This is an internal app we have created
  • Click Finish
  • Click View setup instructions
  • Copy Identity Provider Single Sign-on URL and the X.509 Certificate. Provide these to us using the form below.
  • You'll also need to assign users to the application. Anyone you want to be able to access Vimeo through SSO must be added to the application. For more information on this process, please see this support documentation from Okta or contact Okta support.

Submit your details

Based on the instructions above, you can use the form on this page to submit the required details.