How To Go Live

There are multiple ways to stream beautiful live video in up to 1080p HD through Vimeo. When you're done adjusting your live video settings and are ready to stream, click Next on the top right of the live settings page and allow your browser access to your webcam. You will now see two tabs, Webcam and Connect (RTMP). You can also go live with Livestream Studio.

  1. Webcam
    • The Webcam tab shows our Browser-Based Encoder preview. Clicking Webcam Settings allows you to connect your webcam and microphone as inputs and begin streaming directly from your desktop browser, provided it supports WebRTC protocol (we recommend Chrome 28+, but Firefox 22+ and Safari 11+ both support WebRTC as well). 
    • If you have any other connected inputs, such as USB microphones and webcams, these should show up in the dropdown menus as well. Some more advanced inputs may require an external encoder to work on Vimeo.
  2. Connect (RTMP)
    • The Connect tab contains your RTMP URL and Stream Key for your event. Copy and paste the RTMP URL and Stream Key into the destination field of your broadcast encoder and when your event is ready to start, just begin streaming from your encoder. Your stream signal will be broadcast live to your viewers, regardless of the status of your webcam and the browser encoder. 
    • We recommend starting a local recording of your stream from within your encoder at this point as well, just in case of any problems with your internet connection.
  3. Livestream Studio
    • The Connect tab also contains a link to Livestream Studio, so you can learn more about using this broadcast software, which is included with your Vimeo Enterprise membership.
    • This software has been designed to help with streaming to Vimeo, and contains many advanced production features not found in any other production software or hardware. 
    • For more information on Livestream Studio, please check out the Livestream Help Center.
    • Note that at this time, Livestream Studio can only be logged into by the Account Owner.

Note: You can stream a Zoom call via RTMP directly or through an encoder of your choice like Livestream Studio. For more info, click here!

    After you've selected your encoder, you can create your event on Vimeo Enterprise and go live.

    As part of your onboarding experience, we have dedicated engineers available during a stress test. We will do a run through of your go-live flow with our team on hand to review performance.

    Where Live Events Can Be Viewed

    You can go live to events that are shared directly via the Vimeo URL, embedded on your site, shared on your Video Library, or shared via showcase. Here is more information about each way to stream to your audience: