Customizing Your Showcase

With a Vimeo Showcase, you can organize videos together to share with your external audience. You can select from up to three templates, and then customize the appearance. Here's how:

1. Creating a Showcase

  • Head to your Video Manager.
  • In the left Sidebar, click the plus sign (+) next to the "Showcase" header to start building a new Showcase. You’ll be taken to a new page where you can input the name and description of your Showcase, as well as set its privacy level.

2. Adding details to your Showcase

  • Once created, you’ll be able to set the Title, Description, and Privacy for your Showcase in Info & Privacy.

3. Adding and arranging videos

  • To add a video to a Showcase, open the Showcase you would like to start with and then press the grey “+ Add Video” button and select the content you would like to add to the Showcase from the lightbox. Then press the blue “Add” button to save your changes.
  • To arrange videos within a Showcase, hover over the selected video and drag it to the order of your choosing.

4. Adding live events

  • To add a live event to a Showcase, open the Showcase and then press “Create live event”. From there, you’ll be able to set the Event Title, Privacy, Description, and Frequency.
  • You can also Enable Chat to support Interactivity tools. More on this here.
  • The Frequency can be Ad hoc, Daily, Weekly, or Custom. Once you set the Frequency, you can customize the day and time. This will reflect the countdown as it appears over the live event in your Showcase. 
  • Live events will automatically be added as your Featured Video, but you can change this by dragging the video into a separate order.
  • Note that the video will not go live until you go live from your live streaming software. More on this here.

5. Customizing your Showcase

  • Once you’ve created your Showcase, you’ll be able to add custom assets and select from one of three layout templates. 
    • First, direct to “Assets” in the left sidebar of your Showcase.
      • Upload a thumbnail from your computer or select one from a video in your Showcase.
      • Upload a custom logo.
      • Select an accent color that will apply to the top ribbon and video controls.
      • Make sure you click “Save”.

  • Next, direct to “Web” in the left sidebar of your Showcase.
    • Select one of three layout templates: Default, Featured, or Live.
    • Select from a light or dark theme.
    • Remove or display the Vimeo navigation.
    • Enable use of the custom logo you uploaded in your Assets.
    • Enable use of the accent color you set in your Assets.
    • Toggle the Share button on or off.
    • Allow or disable downloads.
    • You can preview these changes at any time by clicking “Preview”—you can opt to preview on the web, tablet, or mobile web by selecting the dropdown on the far right.
    • Make sure you click “Save”.

6. Adding a Custom Domain

You can use your Showcase as your primary domain ( or as a subdomain (

  1. Register your Domain: 
    • If you don’t already own a domain or want to use a subdomain from your existing website, purchase a domain from a registrar. There are multiple services available, but some of the most popular are GoDaddy,,, or Alternately, you can set up a subdomain on your existing site. 
  2. Update your CNAME Record: 
    • For primary domains, find the CNAME record and point ‘www’ to ''
    • For subdomains, point the subdomain value CNAME to ''. Note that for subdomains, you may use any value that is appended to your subdomain, such as 'watch' or 'tv'
  3. Set the A Record: (For Primary Domains Only. If you are using a Subdomain, skip this step)
    • When setting an A record, follow your registrar's instructions to set the domain’s A-Record to 
  4. Update your Showcase settings: 
    • Next, head to your Showcase Settings. Under "Destinations" on the left, click on "Web". Toggle from “Layout” to “Domain” and click “Connect a domain you already own.” Input the domain here.
  5. Test your new Showcase domain: 
    • Open a new browser window and navigate to the domain or subdomain you just set up. You should now see your Showcase! Note that it may take up to 72 hours for these changes to take effect across the web.