Adding Team Members To Your Account

You can add team members to your account to easily collaborate and share videos with your colleagues. There are four different permission types you’ll be working with on your Enterprise account.

Each user on your Enterprise team will have their own individual account and the ability to switch into the Enterprise team. They can do so by navigating to the video manager, selecting the account from the team switcher dropdown menu, and switching into the Enterprise team.

Note that if you are a team member and not the Account Owner, you will not be able to access the Enterprise team settings. Therefore, if you are logged into your individual account and navigate into your settings, you will see that you are on a Basic plan and will only access your individual Basic account settings.

Account Owner:

  • The Account Owner can access everything in the account. This is the main email associated with the account, which is used to sign up for the account.
  • The Account Owner is the only user who can access the Enterprise settings including the Manage Team page as well as create new API applications. If multiple users on your team need to be able to access these settings, we recommend you set your Account Owner email to be an inbox that multiple people on your team have access to.
  • If you need to change the Account Owner email, you can do so from the settings page or ask your TPM to do it for you.

Admins and Contributors are collaborators in the account. Add these Team Members by directing to your Settings and clicking Manage Team. You can add new emails or you can upgrade Viewers who were added via SSO to a higher level role.


  • Admins can access your account to upload videos, go live, create folders, and share content through showcases or Video Library.
  • Admins will not be able to access account settings or payment information. They also cannot access Simulcast settings or Authenticate API encoders such as Mevo. They will have access to all else.


  • Contributors can be invited to individual folders and will only have access to these folders. They can upload and edit content within these folders only.
  • Contributors can be added with either Edit or View access to folders. That way, a Contributor could be an editor on one folder and only be able to view the content in another in the context of their Video Library


This role is being deprecated. If you have Uploaders on your contract, they will soon be converted into Contributors.

Viewers are able to view the content available in your Video Library.


  • Viewers have view-only access to content that has been shared with them. They cannot edit any content in the back end of the account.
  • Viewers can be added to your account in three different ways:
    • Hover your mouse in the avatar in the top right corner and select Manage team. Here, you can add new Viewers in the same way you'd add Admins or Contributors. After you've invited them, they will be prompted to accept an invitation to join the team.
    • If your Enterprise account has SSO enabled, Viewers can be added to your account in two other ways in addition to adding them one at a time on the Manage Team page:
      • JIT Provisioning - Our out of the box SSO configuration will allow all users with your company email domain to log in with SSO through a process called just-in-time provisioning. When a user goes to log in, the email field will recognize their email as being part of your company domain and will switch them over to SSO. After they log in for the first time, they will be added to the team as a Viewer automatically. Team viewer seats will be taken as users start to log in for the first time and claim each seat.
      • SCIM - For more information about SCIM, read our documentation here.
  • To share content with your Viewers on the Video Library homepage, simply invite them to your folders. Head to your folder, click Share in the top right corner, and invite the users who should be able to watch the content in the folder. When the users log into the homepage, they will then land on your Video Library and can view the content that has been shared with them.
  • Viewers can also access content in Showcases with the privacy setting "Only people on my team". However, we usually recommend you use Video Library for internal content with Viewers, and showcases for external content.

Note: If you have a large number of users that you'd like to grant viewer status to without SSO, you are able to provide us with a CSV of their email addresses that we can add on your behalf.