Overwriting Existing Apps



In your App Store Connect account, navigate to My Apps > App Store > App Information. The Bundle ID will be located on the bottom half of the page.


Several pieces of information are required for us to overwrite an Android or Android TV app. First, these items must come from your previous Android developer: 

  • Keystore File
    • Usually ending in .keystore or .jks but it can have other less common endings
  • Keystore Password
    • The actual password to the keystore file itself 
  • Keystore Alias
    • Usually similar to the app name but can be anything 
  • Key Password
    • This should be separate from the keystore password for security reasons but it can be the same, its best if clients specify this explicitly even if the passwords are the same for clarity

Then, the last piece — the App ID — can be found by you in your Google Play developer account. Simply click the ( i ) icon toward the top right of the screen. The App ID is the string which will likely be similar to your app's name.

In the example above, the App ID is tv.vhx.worldofwonder.


We only need one item for Amazon. Head to your Amazon Developer dashboard and select the app you'd like us to overwrite. Then, you'll find the App SKU in the General Information tab on that app's profile page.


In your Roku Developer account, head to the "Manage My Channels" page

Then, find the app we're going to ovewrite in your list of channels and click "Preview and Update."

We need the App ID which is the six-digit number at the end of the URL on this "Preview and Publish" page.