Greatest Hits of Vimeo OTT Help

You’ve set up your OTT account, work on your site and apps is underway, but what do you do next?

Vimeo OTT has some great resources to help you get started and succeed growing your channel. They can all be found at but here are some of our favorite articles:

Set Up:

Adding Billing/Charges - Before you do anything on your site, you should add your billing and credit card information. This is how you get paid!

Taxes - Taxes can be pretty complicated but we try to make it easy.

Adding Members - Here is how you add other members of your team and give them access to your OTT Admin Panel.

Creating Your Product - Your product is at the core of your Subscription Streaming service, here is everything you need to know about it.

Theme Editor - Your site can look really really good, read about the themes and how to customize your branding.

Site Settings - Marketing integrations, key metadata, how to set your site live, “Site Settings” page has it all, so it’s good to know all about it.


Compression Settings - Your content is great, here is how you will ensure it looks great on your site.

Uploading - This article walks you through uploading content and adding all the associated video data fields.

Organizing -  Vimeo OTT gives you a whole lot of flexibility over how your content displays.


Customer Data - There is a lot you can know about how customers use your platform through our customer level data. This doc tells you what you need to know.

Adding Free Customers - Sometimes there are people you want to give free access to your content. Good news, you can!

Promotion: We have a whole section focusing on marketing your channel to help guide the grown of your site, but here are a few good places to start: 

Getting Started With Marketing: Start brainstorming your marketing plan! 

Promo Codes for your SVOD Product: Learn how to create Promo codes for your subscription products and some simple best practices. 

How to Use Promos to Spur Sales: Once you have some promos set up, take it one step further! 

Boost TVOD Sales With Coupons: If you have transactional products, leverage coupons to start jumpstarting sales. 


Dashboard - The most in depth analytics can be found on the Dashboard. Read this article to find out what all the metrics mean.

Google Analytics - Can you use GA with OTT? Yep!

Useful Features:

Subtitles - You can add subtitles to videos to ensure they are accessible to all audiences.

Scheduling Releases - You can upload videos now but set them to go live later (or pull down on a specific date)

Free Trails - The best way to get a new customer is to give them a sample of your content. This article explains how to enable free trials.

Promos - Promos are another way to get customers into your service by giving them limited time discount.

Notifications - A great way to keep customers coming back to your site is letting them know when you have new content.


API Documentation - If you have developers on staff, the possibilities for OTT are endless through our API.

API Key - If you are ready to get started using the API, the first thing you will need to do is generate an API Key.

But more than just the brass tacks on features, we have a whole section devoted helping you understand some best practices for your site - check it out! 

Good luck and if you have any questions during onboarding process, reach out to your Solutions TPM!