What is Private Portal eCDN?

eCDN is an add-on to the Private Portal offering that offloads server bandwidth demand for live events. When a substantial number of users are all viewing the same content from the same physical location, the eCDN tool will decrease the load on your network by sharing bandwidth amongst users.

Configuring eCDN is done entirely by the Vimeo Solutions and Account Management teams. You will work with our team to ensure that your network is validated for compatibility and setup for activation before you start broadcasting live. After that, all of the bandwidth magic happens behind the scenes. The configuration is only required once and will continue to work for each subsequent live event you have without any further configuration updates.

Compatibility Requirements

The eCDN add on is compatible with desktop and mobile web browsers that support WebRTC Data Channels and Media Source Extensions. Today, these represent all major browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari desktop. 

Please contact your Account Manager for access to a network compatibility testing tool to ensure eCDN will work for your setup.

Browser Support

Note that this does not include support for any version of IE.

Technical Insights

In case you are interested in a few technical details, eCDN is a webRTC-based P2P approach to video delivery for online broadcasters. This add-on combines traditional CDN delivery and distributed delivery protocols.