Prep Your Amazon Account for Fire TV Review

Determine Testers

Anyone with an Amazon account and a Fire TV can test your app as long as they are on your approved list. To get Amazon accounts, including your own, on the Approved Tester List please send the Amazon account email addresses to the Vimeo staff member doing your Fire TV setup. These email addresses need to be the same ones used to sign in to the Amazon accounts on the Fire TV devices that you and your team intend on testing with. 

Receive the Invitation 

In order to receive testing invitations for the Amazon Fire TV application, you will need to be opted-in to select marketing communications from Amazon. In order to determine what your current Amazon Marketing Email Communication Preference is you can follow the steps below and make changes if necessary. 

  • Navigate to the "Communication Preferences Center" at
  • Login with your Amazon account using the same email address that you want to use for Live App Testing
  • Scroll to the "Promotional Emails" section and expand it
  • Ensure that the "Do not send me any marketing email for now" box at the bottom IS NOT checked 

    Amazon Appstore Opt Out

  • Ensure that the box next to "Amazon Appstore" IS checked Amazon Appstore Email Setting
  • Click the "Update" button

Accept the Invitation

When Amazon is finished processing the app for testing an automatic email will be sent to everyone already on the tester list. This email is sent by Amazon and should have a subject line of "Amazon Appstore Live App Testing Invitation".  

Look for the section of the email that starts with "To participate in this test, please choose a marketplace:" and then select "" or your local Amazon marketplace from the list of Amazon links that follow. 

Check Store Information 

Now that you are on the preview of the Store Listing page for your Fire TV app it is a good time to check the information that has been setup for you by the Vimeo staff. The text shown on this page will ultimately be shown to customers when your app is published live so if you see anything that needs to be changed be sure to mention it to Vimeo staff now.

Important areas to check:

  • Images
  • Developer Info 
  • Product Features 
  • Product Description 

Download App

Make sure you have already setup your Fire TV and that it is signed in with an account that has already been provided to the Vimeo staff that are handling your Amazon setup. If you need to setup your Fire TV still you can follow Amazon's guide on that topic linked here

While on the store listing page for your app, click "Get App" under the Fire TV device selector drop down that appears on the right hand side of the page. If you do not see your Fire TV device listed refer to Amazon guide in the previous paragraph. 

Amazon Appstore Get App

Your app should now install automatically to your Fire TV. Go to the device and check your installed apps to see if it has already been delivered. If you do not see it right away you can refresh your screen by hitting the Home button and checking your installed apps again. 

If the automatic installation does not occur within a few minutes then follow these steps on your Fire TV to install manually: 

  1. Open "Settings"
  2. Open "My Account" 
  3. Select "Sync Amazon Content" 
  4. Go to your Apps library and launch the app