Microsoft (Xbox)

Create a Microsoft Windows Developer Account

  1. Ensure you have a Microsoft Account already, if you do not then register one here
  2. Visit
  3. Click Sign Up
  4. Fill out Registration - Account Info
  5. Select the country where your business is located
  6. Select the option for a Company account
  7. Fill in your desired Publisher Display Name
    1. This name needs to be unique and should identify your business. It is separate from your App Name. 
  8. Fill out your Contact Info
    1. Microsoft may not accept emails from "web based email providers" such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, iCloud Mail, AOL Mail, or Outlook Mail.
    2. Custom email addresses through G Suite have been known to work
  9. Fill out your Company Approver information then click Next
    1. This should be the name of the business owner, if you are the business owner then just fill in your own contact information. Microsoft may contact you to verify your identity and your relationship to the business entity.
  10. Complete Registration and Payment information
    1. You will need to enter a valid payment method to continue with the registration. This is a one time charge and will not require renewal.
  11. Be on the lookout for any verification emails sent by Microsoft to your developer email address, accept any that are triggered as soon as possible.

Once setup is complete, please share your sign in credentials with the Vimeo Solutions team and we will confirm the account setup and begin to build your apps directly in your developer account!