Amazon (Amazon Fire TV)

1. First you’ll need an Amazon Developer ID. If you already use Amazon devices or have ever purchased something from Amazon, then you probably already have an Amazon ID. If not, go create one here or sign in at

2. Fill out your profile & billing info and accept the agreement: Once signed in (or registered) you will need to fill out information regarding your Profile Information, App Distribution Agreement, and Payment Information. Please fill out each of these tabs completely.

3. Complete Tax Identity Interview

This section is only required if you're configuring a subscription (paid, "SVOD") video service. 

a. Click on Settings

b. Click on Tax Identity

c. Click the button labelled Enter the Royalty Tax Identity Interview

d. Fill out all required information as it relates to your business

You should now see a “ Status: Complete” indicator on the Tax Identity page.

If you have issues with the process you can consult Amazon's guide to the Tax Identity Interview here and contact your Technical Program manager if that does not solve it.

4. Invite Vimeo to your account: After you have created a developer account, you will need to invite Vimeo as a user to your account. This gives Vimeo permission to publish apps on your behalf.

a. Visit the User Permissions section and click “Add New”.

b. In the ”Email” field, enter for the Email Address.

c. Choose “Administrator” for the Role

d. Click Save

Once you’re done with all of the above, you’re all set! Vimeo will now have access to your developer account and can set up everything else from here.

Amazon's Revenue Share Policy

Amazon takes a 20% cut of the subscription revenue for In App Products in the Movies and TV category, which Vimeo OTT apps fall under. You can read more details about Amazon's revenue share policy under the Royalty section of their Developer Services Agreement or review information here about app store revenue share across all of the platforms we support.