Google (Android and Android TV)

Setting Up Your Google Play Developer Account

This guide will walk you through the steps to set up your Google Developer account which will allow you to have an entirely white-labeled Android and Android TV app that is under your brand's name only.

Complete these steps only if you've purchased an Android and/or Android TV app.

1. Create a Google account

If you already use Gmail or other Google services, then you probably already have a Google Account. If not, go create one here.

2. Enroll for a Developer account

Now you’ll need to enroll for a developer account. Be sure to be logged in with the Gmail address you wish to use. 

3. Invite Vimeo to your Google Developer account

After you have created a developer account, you will need to invite Vimeo to your account. This gives Vimeo permission to publish apps on your behalf.

    a. Open your Google Developer Play Console in a new incognito or private web browser

    b. In the left-hand navigation menu, select Users and permissions

    c. On the Users and permissions page, under the Users tab, select Invite new users and set the following user details and permissions:

    i. Email address =

    ii. Set access expiry date box should be unchecked

    iii. Click the Account Permissions tab > check the Admin (all permissions) box

    d. Select Invite user > Send invite

    Once you finish inviting to your Google Play developer account, please follow the below steps to invite our Enterprise Support team:

    a. Select Invite new users and set the following user details and permissions:

    i. Email address =

    ii. Set access expiry date box should be unchecked

    iii. Click the Account Permissions tab and check both Manage orders and subscriptions and Reply to reviews

    b. Select Invite user > Send invite

4. Add a physical address

If you will be offering in-app subscriptions then you will need to enter the mailing address for your business in the Account Details section of the Google Play Developer Console.

a. Go to your Developer Console and click on "Developer Page."

b. Add your address to the Physical Address field.

c. Click Save.

5. Add a Vimeo Service Account

Next, you will need to create credentials so that Vimeo can automatically publish and update your app. 

a. Open your Developer Console, visit the Setup section and expand the drop-down menuand then click on API Access on the left.

b. Click Choose a Project to Link and agree to the terms.

c. Click Create New Project and then click on Link Project.

d. Near the bottom of the page, click on  Create New Service Account and then click on the Google Cloud Platform link in the dialog that pops up (this will open in a new window). Agree to the terms from the pop-up message. 

e. In the Google API Console window, click Create Service Account from the top options and fill out the form as follows:

- Service account name: vhx

- Click Create and Continue.

- Under Grant this service account access to project,  select the role Project --> Owner.

- Skip step 3 and click on "Done."

- Click on the new "vhx-####" email link under the Email header. 

- Next to the new "vhx-###" click on the 3 dots and then Manage Keys. From there, click on "Add Key" and then "Create new key"

- Key type should be a JSON format and click on Create once done.

f. A JSON file will be downloaded onto your computer and click on "Close ." 

g. Email this JSON file to your Technical Program Manager.

h. Close the Google API Console tab. Return to the Developer Console, if the Create Service Account window is still open, click DONE.

i. Go back to the Developer Console, and visit the Setup section, expand the drop-down menu, and click on API Access on the left. 

j. Under the Service accounts section, click on the Grant access next to the newly created service account. It should start with "vhx-###" 

k. On the next page, select the Account Permissions tab and check Admin (all permissions) box. 

l. Click on Invite User and then click on Send invite.

    6. Enroll in Google Payments Center

    Only for apps with paid subscriptions. If your content is free, this step is not required.

    If you will be offering paid subscriptions within your app then you will need to enroll in the Google Payments Merchant Center. Here you'll connect your bank account. This cannot be changed once it is set up, so make sure you’re all set with your bank!

    a. Open your Developer Console > Setup > Payments profile

    b. Click on “Create payments profile" 

    c. Fill out the form entirely with the required information

    d. The “Customer Service Email” field is required. You may use “” or your own. All the apps will point to

    e. Be sure to use a recognizable name for “Credit Card Statement Name” - something that matches the name of your app so your customers won’t be confused when they get their credit card statements.

    f. Click Submit. 

    NOTE: Vimeo will not be able to see this section due to security and privacy reasons. Please confirm with our onboarding team once you are done with the setup process for the Google Payments Center. 

    Once you’re done with all of the above, you’re all set! Vimeo will now have access to your developer account. You can now email and inform the team that you have completed the setup process for Google.